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Ampeg V4-B Volume cutting out...POWER TUBES??

Last night at practice after about 2 hrs of the amp being on, the volume started to drop out and come back..cutting in and out so I shut it off and continued practice through the PA...

Right now it has JJ 7027a's in it that are about 5-8 years old.

Do I need new power tubes??

There are 2 things that just happened which make me scared that it could be something else.

First... Last week at practice the power flashed on and off a couple time while the amp was being played. I didnt have it plugged into a surge protector at the time but immediately plugged it into one after that. The power flickered really quick..not enough to shut down the amp but it was enough to shut down a computer...

SECOND...One of the outlets in our practice room has a loose ground. Our monster power strips show us when there is a ground connection..BUT our drummer must have hit the plug because it lost ground at some point. I picked up the Ipod thats plugged into the PA and had my other arm resting on my bass strings and got a nice shock from all of the guitar strings...

Could either of these incidents could have caused something or is it just a coincidence?

I ordered a matched quad of JJs already so I am hoping thats what it is! I need it by the weekend for gigs!

attached is a pic of the 4 tubes I pulled out.. I noticed that on one of them the writing on it is A LOT this normal? or could it mean that this is the bad tube (meaning it got too hot or something).

thanks for all the help!



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