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Ampeg v4 with acoustic 204 for Fender Bass Vi?

So I just got a Fender Bass Vi...dont know why but I love it. Then someone sold me a Ampeg V4, not working, for $50...then I got an Acoustic 204 can for another $ now I'm wondering about this combo...any thought? Any pointers or anything to watchout for getting the ampeg bakc working?
Will in ABQ



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Re: Ampeg v4 with acoustic 204 for Fender Bass Vi?

Hard to say on the ampeg.  Could be something simple,  could be something big.  Regardless of what is wrong with it,  if it hasn't been recapped,  it should be.  A good recap will cost you $200 easy.  If you need new tubes there's another $100 if you get decent tubes,  more if you get the good ones.
The ampeg is worth it,  but it's not a vault piece.   It's a great old amp that isn't worth gobs of money, but sounds amazing.



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