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Welcome to the new and improved (formerly b0ne's ampeg v4 pages)! This site is dedicated to the late 70's Ampeg V4's which, as you've probably discovered on yr own, are a completely different animal from the early 70's models and, of course, the 80's on. I've collected a wealth of information from various sources including the web, newsgroups and from experts in the amp repair field.

Let me say right up front, I am not an amplifier "expert" myself in any sense of the word. In fact, I'm not much of a gear-junkie whatsoever. What I do know is I love the tone of my V4 and don't ever see playing another amp, ever! Everywhere I go, every show my band, devilspit, plays, jaws hit the floor! That incredibly warm, and oh, did I mention "LOUD", tone can't be beat in my book. I love the fact that I set up for a show and have my V4 at less than half volume and the first question I hear through the monitor is, "could you please turn that down?". I usually end up with the volume on 3 and the sound guy/girl simply gives up on me lowering the volume any more!

So there you have it. I hope you find the answers you came looking for on this site. If not, try posting your question on the Ampeg Forum. I'm also always accepting pictures of yr Ampeg V4's for the Gallery.