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Taking out 2 power tubes

I know some people take two power tubes out of their sockets (i.e. tubes 1 and 4 in a 4 tubes row) to decrease the amp's power. Apparently this doesn't require any work, it's just about taking the tubes out of their sockets.

Now, since the V4 is super loud (I use it with both gain and master at about 9:00 hrs) I was wondering if I could take 2 tubes out of it in order to decrease the power and achieve a bit lower volume and a bit more distortion.

Has anyone tried this? Do anyone know if this could work without damaging the amp?

I have 6550s and use it as guitar amp.
Thanks a lot in advance!



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Re: Taking out 2 power tubes

Yes it works, and won't hurt your amp. I'd be willing to wager it won't decrease it as much as you'd like or even as much as you think it will. I recommend converting it back to 6L6GC (or 7027A) AND pulling 2 tubes.

Don't forget that pulling tubes changes the impedance. So be sure to set the impedance of the amp to 1/2 of your cabinet's rating.

So, instead of the V4 being 2/4/8 ohms, it will now actually be 4/8/16 ohms.

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