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V4 cab threaded bosses: Why?

Hi.  I recently acquired a V4 4x12 cabinet (c.1971).  On the left hand side are a pair of 1/4-20 threaded bosses along with 6 cups.

I'm assuming the 6 cups are to allow the head to sit securely when either 1 or 2 cabinets are used side by side, but why the threaded bosses?  I've never seen a retractable clamp on V4 heads (like you'd see in a BF/SF Fender head), but maybe these were intended for some variety of clamp.

Either way, setting the cab on its side with the cups and bosses on top would be really inconvenient since the handles are on the RIGHT side.  Besides, it looks like there are some real feet on the left hand side (along with the cups), but not on the right.

Anybody know the real skinny on this?




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Re: V4 cab threaded bosses: Why?

They are for a dolly.  A 3/4" piece of 18 ply wood covered in tolex with 3" casters. If you look at my V2 video's you will see them.



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