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mustard caps / Early 70s V4 cap job

Hi all,

I just performed a successful cap job on my V4. I replaced all filter caps, bias caps, and the coupling cap feeding the bias caps.  The replacement coupling cap that I used to feed the bias caps is a 0.047mFd 600V Sprague orange drop.  The amp is sounding great and the bias is almost dead on (-62.14V on pin 5 on every 7027A) but I can't put my finger on it... it just sounds a *teeny* bit different.  The cap that used to be in the coupling caps place was a 0.047mFd 600V mustard cap, most likely the original.  I wanted to play around with this cap, anyone know where I can find one? All the ones I find are 400V which just isn't enough Voltage headroom from my understanding.

Thanks a bunch!



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Re: mustard caps / Early 70s V4 cap job

You can find the caps with 600-630volt rating at or



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