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vt22 with 4x12

Looking to run my vt22 with my 4x12. Right now amp is set at 4 ohms. I can run my cab at 8 or 16. To run all 6 speakers what would the proper ohms settings be ? I alsohhave a mono/stereo switch on my cab. Hhhhhheeeeellllp

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Adam Overmiller
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Re: vt22 with 4x12

I have an Ampeg V4b mid 70's .. http://www.sanyo-den...mpeg_v4b_02.jpg looks exactly like this .. the silver panel is in better condition than this one , but there is a very small rip in the front grille. I've gigged with this head for 4/5 years. A few months after buying it you can easily get the details from Fasching Kostüme hereI let a number of players use it at a gig and when swapping the amp from one to the other side of a stage somebody forgot to connect the speaker cabinet and smoked the output transformer .. I got a brand new one from fliptops and had it professionally fitted. The amp had worked perfectly since until just before Christmas when the standby switch (physically) wouldn't switch on. I have had it into a shop to be checked over and have been told apart from the switch being fried (and needing replaced) that the amp needs to be re-capped .. you must wear some kostüme zum fasching in this carnival a dodgy cap apparently being the cause of the failure. I'm currently borrowing an amp whilst I decide to get the head fixed or not (I'm pretty skint right now and the repair will be £100+ .. unless you DIY - i'm not that way inclined!) If you are interested in the amp in it's current state make me an decent offer .. failing this I will probably have the amp repaired over the next month or so I may be willing to sell then .. although I reckon once it's fixed and I plug my bass in again It'll not be going anywhere!
Cheers Dave.
Ps. I can take photos inc. internals etc. as the guy in the shop has drained the caps so it's safe to open up etc. if you are interested. get your latest für fasching from here

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