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Which speaker cabinet would be best for guitar AND bass?

Hello again,
I own a Ampeg V4 head and am having a tech perform this mod to channel 2 of the amp...
Which will make channel 2 close to/identical to a V4b bass head so I can play both guitar and bass using the same amp.
My question is:
If i can only have one cabinet would it better to use a 4x12 closed back guitar cab for BOTH guitar and bass?
Would it be better to use a 4x10 bass cabinet for guitar AND bass?

I'm also curious if there is a better, more interesting solution to this that I haven't thought of that you could share with me.
I really appreciate any feedback!  Technical or otherwise.



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Re: Which speaker cabinet would be best for guitar AND bass?

I played/recorded several times bass with my '76 V4 without the mod and it still sounded great. Besides of it, IMHO a good compromise would be a 4x12 cab with Celestion G12H-80s or G12H-100s, which were used on both the Marshall JCM800 Lead and Bass series cabs..



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