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#1 2013-06-30 03:28:21

Big Foot
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VT-22 Cab wiring and Ohmage

I got my hands on a VT-22 (I used to have a V-4) and am a little perplexed with the wiring to the cab. It seems to be all original- square back speakers (580166-1) from week 15 - 1975. I believe they are 16 ohm. It looks to me like they're wired in series, which would make the load 32 ohm (right?). could any of you guys who have "stock VT-22 post a picture of the cab wiring and what load you run your head at...
I'm off to look for the multi-meter that I believe to have somewhere...



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Re: VT-22 Cab wiring and Ohmage

If they are indeed 16 ohms, they should be in parallel.   So the Positive of one speaker tied to the positive of the other,  the negative of one to the negative of the other



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