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Help With Toggle Switch Wiring


I have a mid-70's V4 head (w/o master volume) that was stripped of some parts many years ago. I need to replace the power, polarity and standby toggle switches. I'm not a tech so I'm not able to determine exact locations from the schematic. Would someone have a clear picture and/or a diagram showing the exact placement of the leads from the switches? Would be most appreciative of your help!



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Re: Help With Toggle Switch Wiring

hi jbc9,  welcome to the forum.   

the schematic is about as strait forward as I could present it to you. 
the thing to keep in mind, is that the polarity switch is not needed when you have the 3 prong plug.    it should be disabled.

so really all you need to hook up is the power and standby. 
sw6 is gone,  c21 is gone. 

sw5 and sw7 should be pretty easy to place.   i'll take a look inside a v4 tomorrow... but as I recall its pretty strait forward.   if you have some pics of yours that might help.



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