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#1 2008-04-11 02:39:35

From: So Cal
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Early 70's V-4 Settings

Would anyone like to share mid/treble/bass settings that work well for bass?   Thanks.




#2 2008-04-13 15:16:42

From: Finland
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Re: Early 70's V-4 Settings

My V4 settings with a P-bass and an old 2x15" Peavey cab are mostly like this.

ultra high: off (middle pos.), preamp sens:0, treble: 12 o'clock, mid-switch: 300hz, 8 o'clock, bass: 1 o'clock.



#3 2008-04-13 18:25:31

From: So Cal
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Re: Early 70's V-4 Settings

Thanks OM, I will give those a try.




#4 2008-08-25 23:30:10

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Re: Early 70's V-4 Settings

Input sensitivity switch: depends. For recording, I put it at -9db. Live, I prefer 0db.

Volume: 10:00-11:00 is about perfect. Below that and it is thin. Above that and it turns to mud.

Treble: 12:00

Midrange: 4:00-5:00, pretty much dimed.

Bass: between 3:00 and 4:00.

Reverb: off

Master volume: For recording, I just leave it at 12:00. Live, it is all the way up.

Ultra Hi/Lo: If I want a clangy, metallic sound (ala Big Black,, I switch it to Ultra Hi. Otherwise, I leave it in the middle.

Midrange Select: far right (2500-3000hz)

This is with a P-Bass through either an Ampeg 8x10 (live) or an old Fender 1x15 (recording).



#5 2011-01-29 18:26:26

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Re: Early 70's V-4 Settings

I've purchased my V-4 with the 6550 mod, it's got four of 'em, and it's loud enough to kill a Yak at 200 yards with mind bullets.

I only play a 73 P-bass, (cause I'm broke and only have one)

For a good old fashioned country tone, I plug straight in,  Keep all the knobs at 12:00 (except I scoop the mids (300 or 1000 depending on what I'm feeling) out a bit), turn on my ultra-hi switch and ROLL BACK my tone knob on my bass.

For a really grindy rock/metal tone, I turn off my ultra hi switch, and roll my tone all the way up.
Kind strange, but works for me. 

I've noticed the amp starts grinding with a bass pretty early.
I like the grind.  A little grind makes you more present, and it's not very noticable when you're playing with a full band.  However, it's not always appropriate.

Here's a couple ways around it.
Roll back you tone knob:
Use a clean boost, a compressor, or really anything that'll give you some extra clean points. 
Get rid of the horn in your bass cab, turn it off, put a sock in it, whatever you got to do.

Just remeber.  This isn't your every-day run of the mill bass amp;  It's an old-school-bad-ass-tube-monster.

When in doubt, set everything to 5 (12:00)  It's kind of hard to make this amp sound like SH*T.  If these suggestions don't work, I reccomend setting everything to five, and making minor adjustments.

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#6 2011-02-01 16:53:28

From: Oakland, CA
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Re: Early 70's V-4 Settings

I've been experimenting with this on the V4B I got last year with 7027s. It was a lot different on my friend's that I played years ago with 6550s. I'm playing only in metal bands, currently, so I'm sure I'm pushing the V4B a little out of it's realm.

Rocker switches - high on, mids all the way left, ultra low off
Volume - 10-11 o'clock
Treble - 1-3 o'clock
Mid - 1-3 o'clock
Low - 4-5 o'clock

That's about as much power as I've been able to dial in with just a nice hint of break up.

I also switch between clean and dirt. I was using a Rat2 modded for bass, which was great on my SVT. It sounded too clangy with the V4B, though. Now I've got a Russian Big Muff, and I've found with the tone rolled back a lot it lets through much more low end with the fuzz.



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