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V4 reverb buzz, only when using footswitch jack

I have a new to me '76-77 V4 master volume that is all original down to the tubes.  Everything is working as expected with one exception. 

The reverb is very quiet and sounds great when I don't use a footswitch.  When I use a generic footswitch in the jack I get a buzz when the reverb is switched on.  The buzz increases as I turn up the reverb.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  My first thought is get a better quality switch.

Great site and have learned a lot here already.




#2 2014-03-31 03:58:28

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Re: V4 reverb buzz, only when using footswitch jack

Definitely try a better foot switch.   The switch just grounds out the reverb signal when the reverb is turned off, but when the reverb is on there is
A part of the reverb circuit that is connected to the insulated wire in the footswitch if the insulation isn't good you will get a hum.



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Re: V4 reverb buzz, only when using footswitch jack

I had the same issue, easy fix

Just buy a good quality instrument cable, cut off one end and replace the cheap cord that came w/ the foot switch. Clean reverb will be yours



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