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Can/should I use the GV22 to power 2 altecs and 2 evm-12l's?

I recently replaced the CTS speakers in my GV22 (which are for sale by the way) with some altecs.  It sounds really great and I am pleased with the sound, but never minded the cts's just wanted a change. I also have a 2x12 sealed back cabinet with 2 electro voice evm-12l's in it that I use with a V2 usually.  I was wondering if using the 4 speakers together would be to hard on the GV22, or the speakers themselves.  The GV22 is rated at 35 watts, and the speakers all together could handle way more than that and I am afraid of starving the speakers most.  This question isn't for tone, but more out of sheer curiosity.  Thanks for any info.



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