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Problem with my 70's v4 please help!!!!

Hey I'm new to the forum world but figured I'd give it a try. i recently purchased a late 70's v 4, it plays fine with the volume around four , but when I turn the volume to maybe 7 the tone gets very distorted. Now I know this is also a guitar head but I don't think It should be sounding like this. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Hopefully something minor, also I heard you can mod the v4 into a v4b does anyone also know how to does this? Hope someone can help thanks!



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Re: Problem with my 70's v4 please help!!!!

hello,  welcome to the forum. 

The volume control on the V4 is linear taper.  so it doesnt respond quite like you would expect.  we are generally used to amps having audio taper pots.   this is a logarithmic taper and the volume increase with the turn of the knob seems more natural to the ear.

The V4 and V4b both tend to distort pretty abruptly.   This is the way they are.   there is a considerable amount of feedback in the power section.  that sorta lends itself to a quicker transition from clean to distorted in the V4.   

modifying the v4 into a v4b is difficult in that finding a four pole rocker switch that fits and looks alright is not easy.   but that is only important I suppose if you want the ultra-low and want it switchable.



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