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Voltage Reducing Idea

I wasn't really even brainstorming the other day, but I had amps on the brain, and this crossed my mind.

Instead of using cathode could, conceivably, reference the grids to ground, reverse the diode that feeds the regular bias supply, and if beefed up enough with capacitance, connect the power tube cathodes to this voltage point.  Overall plate voltage is reduced, and it seems easier   without the need to find exactly the right high wattage resistor for high powered power amp tubes.

This isn't really an issue for most amps since the plate voltages are rarely so high.  However, there might be benefits to having the control grids referenced to ground and not have to use cap-and-resistor for cathode bias.  Maybe it is only a variation on the theme in some ways.  Not sure.

Thoughts?  Same difference?  Faulty logic?




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