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Death Cap Replacement

I know, I know... remove the cap and install a 3 prong cord, which is what I normally do. But. I am in the process of servicing and recapping an amp for a buddy and he has asked that I keep the original 2 prong cord rather than upgrade to a three prong. I tried to convince him otherwise but he wants to keep it original. So, my question is, what type of cap should I use to replace the old (about to let loose) film cap located on the polarity switch? Is this what I should be using in the link below? Can anybody recommend a cheaper alternative? … SHRTm5w%3d




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Re: Death Cap Replacement

Keeping an amp original despite safety is pure silliness.  But you already know that.  If you must continue using the two prong cable you should consider using a y1 safety capacitor like the kemet pme295 or other.  These are designed so they don't short when they fail.



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Re: Death Cap Replacement

Thanks for the recommendation hangman. I looked those caps up on mouser and I'm not finding any with the original .047uf value. Is it ok to go with the 0.001uF? … RB4100MR30





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Re: Death Cap Replacement

OK I'll ask...

I rebuilt my v4 and it works flawless. I still have the death cap and orig cord. What's the issue w/ leaving it as is? I'm guessing the way the ground plane is there is potential for shock.

If I decide to remove the cap and put a three prong cord in where do I connect hot, neutral and ground?
I think this is what I should do.....

HOT- input w/ fuse
NEUTRAL- non fused pwr input
GND- connect to chassis somplace

cut out death cap (.047 across mains)

Since I've had zero issues and NO shocking I think I will just put a new .047 cap in there.

BTW- I live in a house that is over 110 years old, we pre-date residential electric service.

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