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Ampeg V4 preamp

Ive lately been thinking about selling my Sunn 100s and going towards rack gear.So the Ampeg V4 has caught my ear.However i will never buy a head from USA that weighs like that while i live in Europe.So my natural inclination was.. il make a clone of the preamp! So now the question: How dependend is the V4 sound on the actual power section.Im aware that the whole design is really hi fi in its nature so id be buying a Carvin TS100 as a power amp and would hook my V4 preamp clone to it.Will it sound drastically different or will it just have another layer of flavor on top of the V4 thing.Ive heard that the parts count is high.. i would be getting it built without the reverb.Any ideas what such a preamp build might cost me?




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Re: Ampeg V4 preamp

good question.   The answer is probably not going to please you.   The sound comes from both.   

The preamp is definitely not super hifi or anything.  The distortion is low,  and the eq was hifi by 1950s standards... but its not like its a laboratory amplifier or something.  The preamp is very clean and clear... because its not getting overworked and there isn't a lot of distortion, I think that allows the amp to take pedals really well,  it doesn't get cloudy and doesn't blat out.

the power section is where all the distortion happens.   there is a lot of negative feedback in the power section and the clip can be pretty hard.   so its a very aggressive sounding amp.   a lot of that classic stones ampeg grind is in the power section for sure.   

I dont think that the two would be nearly as cool without one another.

The sunn 100s is actually kinda similar in some ways.   except that amp has a really clean and clear preamp and a more hifi power section.   those are also great amps to really beat the crap out of with some pedals.   they just take the abuse so well.   

anyway... if you build a preamp,  it will sound great.  but the carvin will decide how the amp breaks up.   if you like the way that amp sounds... thats probably not a bad match.   but it wont sound quite like a v4. similar though



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