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Hello and a quick ps cap question, VT22

Hi all,

Been lurking awhile and finally joined.
Will be resuscitating mv VT22 after a 25 year sleep.
I've read all the re-cap posts but one thing is not clear to me.

Is it possible to recap the amp and have all the hv ps caps inside the head thus leaving the old external caps in place (visually). Yes I do have the reverb tank in place.

It would be easier and cheaper to do this than using the external multi-sections.

regards, and thanx in advance.




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Re: Hello and a quick ps cap question, VT22

It would be cheaper, but not by much.  The F&T capacitors are not outrageously expensive in fact, They are quite affordable.
I see no reason to try and find space for axial components inside especially when it is so packed in there already.



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