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Bought a VT-22. Has original power tubes..

I just bought a '74 VT-22, and it has the original power tubes in it - they have faint Magnavox labels and the stop sign 7027 RCA label.  They work and sound fine, although one is a little dimmer than the other 3.  So my question.. Should I just play these until something gives, or should I look to replace them?  It's hard to know how many hours are on these obviously, but the speakers have been replaced with some round magnet Eminence speakers.  All the preamp tubes are original, but I have switched some around with new NOS that I have in my small collection of tubes.

So, play it till they give out or replace them and enjoy many years of no worries?  I would only put NOS 7027a's if I replace them, but $300+ for a quad is obviously pricey.



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