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#1 2010-05-03 03:53:59

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VT-40 Reverb tank/input questions

Hi there guys, I've recently acquired a VT-40 combo (from 1974 if the seller was accurate).  I bought it knowing that it needed a reverb tank, and I was told that the accutronics model I needed was a 4FB2D1C, so I bought one and was trying to install it today, and was having some trouble.

1.  The tank seems big.  Is this really the right model?
2.  Where is the thing supposed to be mounted?  I've only ever seen tanks on the very bottom of the cabinet...

Also, an unrelated question; the Channel one input doesn't work.  I figure its a wiring issue but I thought if this kind of thing was common you guys could tell me where to look first.

Overall, this amp is amazing tone-wise... and that's with it needing new tubes!!!  I just wish I could get some reverb going.  Thanks!!!



#2 2010-12-08 17:10:31

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Re: VT-40 Reverb tank/input questions

Hey, I know this is an old post, but saw no reply &  had some info if you hadn't fixed it yet. I have a 73 vt40 top controls & the reverb with lock # is 4FB2A5C. The C means connectors up. It mounts on the lower back panel & the black rca connector wire goes to reverb pan out. If you do have it working with that pan, let me know how it sounds if you could. As for your input jack it may be a loose wire or the jack itself could be bent. Also each jack goes to a 12ax7, if the tubes smoked- no signal. Hope it's working good, I can't play mine enough! Later, Sean

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Re: VT-40 Reverb tank/input questions

Hello, thanks friedwires.  My vt40's reverb does turn on.  When I click the switch all it does it hum real loud but I can still hear my guitar playing.  Would this indicate bad connection?  If so would I need to solder it back together?  Will I get shocked if I solder it without draining the caps?



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Re: VT-40 Reverb tank/input questions

Hey did you ever get the reverb to work



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