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#1 2013-11-15 22:25:55

Holy Schnikes
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V2 Faceplate High Res PDF???

Hey everyone, first time poster!

Curious if anybody has a V2 faceplate PDF file they could email my way?

I recently purchased a '73 V2 (aluminum knobs) and the faceplate is literally bare. The amp will be headed to my tech soon for a checkup and to replace a few worn parts (jacks and toggles), figure that's a good time to deal with the plate as well. I plan to have it etched or screen printed, whichever is cheaper, probably the etching.

I've searched online and there's just not much out there on the V2 plates sadly. Flip Tops doesn't offer due to lack of interest but I did locate some old PDF links on other forums however none worked. I've since reached out to those folks via PM along with SpaceFlunky (original owner of my V2) as he started a similar topic here several years ago.

A really nice V4 photo will do also, just scale it down.

Thanks for any info and/or assistance, very much appreciated!

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#2 2015-08-28 15:53:28

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Re: V2 Faceplate High Res PDF???

So, does anyone have a hi-res pdf (or other) of the V2 faceplate?...or know someone who does? - Thanks



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