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Westside Performance Amp and Guitar Repair


Professional Guitar and Amplifier Service and Repair since 1980!

Westside Performance is located at the top of Lake Washington in the city of Kenmore.
Main cross streets are 68th (Juanita Dr.)  and Bothell Way (SR522)

We have extensive experience in Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Bass repairs as well as Amplifier and Pro Audio gear.  We have done work for local session and touring musicians throughout Southern California, from Santa Clarita to San Diego.  We were the primary Service and Repair Company for three music stores as well as rehearsal studios and music schools in the West Los Angeles Basin and now offering our services to the Seattle, Wa. area.

Just some of the companies we have done work for:

School of Rock (Paul Green)-Seattle, Wa.
Kaleidescope Music School- Issaquah, Wa.
Screaming Monkey Studios-Seattle, Wa.
Loud Technologies - Ampeg-Mackie-Blackheart-EAW-Tapco Woodinville, Wa.
McDowell Research - Miltary RF Amplifiers, Woodinville, Wa.
Rickenbacker guitars, Santa Ana, Ca.
Fulltone Musical Effects – “Top Rated Guitar Pedals”,  Marina Del Rey, Ca.
Coffey Sound - “Motion Picture Pro Audio Headquarters”, Universal City, Ca.
True Tone Music - “Guitars and Amps to the Stars”, Santa Monica, Ca.
Venice Amplifier, Venice, Ca.
Marina Music, Marina Del Rey, Ca.
Time Warp Music, Venice, Ca.
Musicians Choice Rehearsal Studios, Culver City, Ca.
Melodious Coe’s Music School, Los Angeles, Ca.
Hollywood Rock Academy, Los Angeles, Ca.
Erickson Guitars, Fountain Valley, Ca.

100% customer satisfaction on recent amplifier repairs for Microsoft and Boeing Employee’s

Service and Repairs on Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Bass:
• Full nut, bridge, neck setup to improve playability and tonality!
• Re-fretting
• Fret leveling, crowning and polishing
• Nut repair
• Neck/headstock repair
• Neck changes and setups for “Bolt-On” Neck guitars
• Repair and Upgrade pots, pickups, jacks, switches, tuners, bridges, nut, saddles
• Custom pickup wax potting for feedback and tonal improvements
• Rewire and shield that guitar and make it quiet!
• Pedals gone bad or just noisy? Bring them in and we will get them working for you!

Service and Repairs on PA Tube and Solid State amplifiers:
• Tube and Solid State Guitar/Bass amplifier service and repair
• Mod’s, De-Mod’s, Tone Voicing, High, Low, Mid Frequency Mod’s
• Replace Transformers, capacitors, resistors, diodes, pots, switches, jacks, tubes, sockets
• 6L6 to 6V6, 6L6 to EL 34, 6550 to EL 34 or vice versa for more breakup or headroom
• Speaker replacement, repair, jacks, wiring
• Cabinet Rewire with heavy gauge wire to improve power and clarity!

Do you have any good or broken amps or guitars you want to sell?
Labor Rate: $40 per hour.  Trades for labor/parts welcomed on a case by case basis
All Work Guaranteed 100%
Call or email for references and quotes! Ed Gotti 310-871-6120 or 425-408-1236



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Re: Westside Performance Amp and Guitar Repair

Hope someone can help me. I live in Northern CB. I have converted the VT-22 V4 to EL34's on two circuits. I am using only two EL34's now (one on each transformer side. I have added the 1k ohm 10 watt grid screen resistors. (I will change them to 5 watt resistors when they arrive), set bias at 29ma each tube.

My question is... when I watch the bias current meters, (a seperate meter monitoring plate current on each of the two tubes) both on idle at 29ma each (545vdc), when playing at low to medium volume, bias seems fine (current fluctuates properly). But when I play loud, (more volume) the bias currents become unbalanced.

Watching both meters, one will fluctuate between 29 to about 95ma while the other fluctuates from 29 past 200ma. I have swapped and changed tubes of different manufacturers and it is definitely the same side of the transformer and not the tubes themselves. I had verified the meters also. I have checked the component values and all are fine, within <5% values.

Then, when I convert back to the 7027A's, re-adjusting the bias (using the other un-modded two tube circuits)the grid currents on both tubes are equal, both reaching together from 29ma to 95ma.

It does not matter which "balanced" EL34's I use, the same side of the transformer current value always exceed the other by at least double.

I am using the appropriate speaker output impedance. Two tubes, 4 ohm switch setting for 8 ohm speaker load.

Anyone know what is going on?



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