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#1 2016-01-25 20:54:15

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VT22 just turns all power down on the whole house

After 10 years of epic performance my VT22 has a problem.

The amp was playing great, new caps by, new tubes, new WGS 12" G12C/S speakers (great on this amp). Just perfect.

Now i turn the amp on and it happens one of the following things:

1-Sometimes, ON, Standby, and all the power comes down in the building.

2-Sometimes, ON, Standby, i play for a couple minutes and all the power comes down in the building.

3-Sometimes, i use another wall plug, ON, Standby, i play for sometime and all the power comes down in the building.

4-I took it to different places and it happens the same thing.

5-Where i rehearse it happens the same thing, but because it is on a farm, the are different mains boards, i tried on a very powerful one that runs water motors... and nothing happened.

6-Tried new tubes nothing changed, checked the power cord and plug and nothing is wrong there.

7-Opened the amp and there isn't nothing looking wrong. I was expecting some some visible short to ground somewhere, but nothing visible there.

8-Took it to my amp tech, is just a friend that repairs PA material and studio gear and hates all things guitar. The amp worked OK there! He says is mains power has nothing special, i believe it, is just a garage.

9-Back home and is the same... tried another cabinet god knows why! but is the same.


Any idea what is going on?

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Re: VT22 just turns all power down on the whole house

Sounds like a voltage drop problem with the mains.
Have you tried using an amp meter on the amp?
How many amps is it drawing when idle? When in standby and in operate position? Should draw about 1 to 1.5 amps in idle.

And also use a volt meter at the outlet that it is plugged into. Does the voltage drop and how much when the amp is turned on? In standby and operate?

These type of amps need at least 110 volts AC minimum to operate properly.



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