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What would you change about the V-4?

Hey folks, been a while. I'm hoping the forum isn't totally dead, so here goes.

I've had a personal project going for a while. The idea of building a V-4/VT-22 inspired amp is really appealing to me. I've had my 1975 VT-22 for 12 years now and love it to death. It is the last year of the non-MV version.

Over that time I've thought a lot about what I might change if I had the chance, just from personal preference:

* Remove channel 2 since I don't use it, just to simplify circuitry.
* Add the Ultri-lo circuitry from the V-4B.
* Add a proper FX loop (jacks in the front) while maybe getting rid of the ext amp jacks.
* Add a bias pot so changing tubes is easier.
* Move the reverb footswitch jack to the front.
* Move all tube sockets from the PCBs so they're chassis-mounted.

So what might you change if you could? Star from scratch, rebuild with your own tweaks, etc. Fix any cost-driven design decisions that Ampeg made back in the day ... you know, that kind of stuff. Get as technical or high level as you want.

Give me your ideas.



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