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v4 buzzing output

i have a v4 with a severe buzzing output. the original problem was: amp was running fine then the 6amp ext. fuse went. the 6amp was replaced and then when flipping standby switch poof!!! small amount of smoke came from the switch. checked the switch, it read fine. turns out r54 180k (light resistor) was shot. i replaced this and then upon further inspection i realized there was no 10amp fuse in this amp! it was just plain old wire. i soldered in a 10 amp fuse checked for bad connections and when power switch is engaged the buzzing is very loud. i originally pulled the power tubes to make sure the standby switch didn't go because of a spike. no when i fire it up without the power tubes, the buzzing persists...any ideas here? thanks.

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Re: v4 buzzing output

Drain the PS, then check the grounds on PS caps, and ESPECIALLY check the power rectifier diodes. Those are the symptoms when a diode goes.

Best, Paul

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