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Help finding VT-22 Tube Set

Remember me? I'm back. I'm the guy where his fuse kept blowing. Turns out a few diodes and a few capacitors had to be replaced. Could've been a much much more expensive repair.

Anyways, so now that is fixed...

When I had the amp in the shop they informed me that a VT-22 should not be breaking up into distortion on like 4 on the volume knob and that my tubes need to be replaced. I've had the sucker for so long I just thought that was normal Ha!

Anyways....I know fliptops has had a complete set floating around for like $200 give or take, but I can't find it on their site. Anyone know a link to shoot me?



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Re: Help finding VT-22 Tube Set … cts_id=638 … cts_id=361

That said, you really only need power tubes.
Having spare preamp tubes is good, but while power tubes may be dead, preamp tubes may have a lot of life in them.
Also, nothing against fliptops, but I'd order direct from a tube dealer.  And I would spring for 4x Winged C 6L6GCs, which happen to be on sale right now at tech depot.
IF you want a cheap ($35?!) quad or a backup quad, order 4 of the 'sino' 6L6GC from  Mine have held up well to a conservatively biased V4b.




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