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1964 reverberocket Trem Photoresistor value???

I have a work in progress reconditioning a 1964 reverberocket. I got a new cap can from fliptop, that gave her a heart beat again put a 1969 c12r in it This seems to be a odd model I dont see much info out there on the web. It has 3 12ax7's and 1 12au7 in v2 with 7591 power tubes, as i said i got it working again god only knows how long its been since it last made a peep seems real bright with the c12r and breaks up early not a bad breakup real nice sensative attack great harmonics My burning question is I took the trem apart, metal tube with a ge ne16 neon bulb how ever the photoresistor had a broken leg It had numbers on it but i dropped it before i could read it. Does ANYBODY know the replacement ?? # I ordered the reverb, its on the way now, pan was broken. I want to replace the trem with the original if I can find the right photoresistor I have a R12R M model, fliptop want 35 bucks for a replacement, however i would love to fix the original. the photoresistor was encased in glass.with blue writing on it..Anybody got any info I would name my next child after you if you can get me the right replacement  Its pots date it to 1964 but the serial number puts it at 1965  ?? I am loving this amp and am looking forward to restoring it after i get the reverb and trem worked out then i plan on caps where needed. All voltages seem to be darn close to spec The schematic is pretty readable. then i plan on reglueing the tolex and getting some new knobs and then maybe a new speaker I fell in love with this amp and want to gig with it but i know I need to get her right first..Tm-1 module will work i was told but I want to fix this one hopefully with your help  thanks all.

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