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Stones Ampeg sound

Hi there,
I own both a VT22 and a VT40 that I bought one after the other a couple of years ago with the idea in the back of my head to one of these days give a try at getting those Rolling Stones 'Yaya's' and 'Exile' types of heavy guitar sounds. I'm surprised nobody seems to have mentionned that yet on this Forum (or I haven't looked well enough?). Anyway, I have managed to get something that I like very much, with the right thick overtones and cheeky crunch. As close as I could ever get to what I was looking for, I think.
The way I get it is with a 'Y' mono cable to plug my guitar (an ES345 wired to mono) into both inputs simultaneously, with both amp volumes turned all the way up (to get max crunch) and a master volume (homemade, uses a 1 Meg pot) plugged into one of the 'Ext. Amp' sockets to bring overall volume down. The midrange rocker selector is placed on '300 Hz' and the midrange tone knob placed at 9 O'clock. Treble tone knob on the high side, bass tone knob on the low side.
I tried the same settings with a Strat but it does not do it. It evidently has to be humbuckers (and a Gibson?).
Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have better suggestions yet?



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