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SVT Power Switch

Pretty simple question: I have a blackline Magnavox-era SVT and the power switch won't shut off. I've done a bunch of work on my V4 and other tube amps, so I'm fine with replacing this myself. My issue is mostly - how big a pain is it to get into the chassis on an SVT, with it being two sections and all? I've never opened up an SVT and just wanted to see if it's tricky or intuitive.



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Re: SVT Power Switch

Its super easy to get to the power switch on the SVT. Once you get the back grill off there is 3 or 4 screws that hold the preamp into the chassis. Disconnect the connector to the power amp and the whole preamp assembly comes out. take the cover off the preamp and there she lies.
I probably wouldnt be a bad idea to remove the "death cap" and replace the 1 filter cap that is contained in the preamp while you are in there.

Man I love the old svt's, I had a blast restoring and rebuild mine when I pulled it off ebay afew years ago. They are like pieces of Ampeg art.

Heres some pictures to help give you an idea of what you'll be looking at: … /amps/svt/

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