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Gemini I trem repair

I've tested the trem unit and it appears to be working - I'm getting around 60v on the purple wiring/bulb side, and if I disconnect the LDR leads from the Depth pot and measure the resistance with the LFO on, I get a changing resistance - 33-46k.

I replaced the 25uf 25v caps with 22uf 25v. Below are the voltages I'm getting off V7.

Also, should I not be getting ANY voltage from the other side of the 1uf cap that goes to Depth pot? One side goes to Pin 1 on v5 - I'm getting 180v there, but on the other side of the cap I get no voltage at all. Is this normal?

Tube in v7 tested good via my amp tech.

Pin 1 - 77v with the with both ON and OFF
Pin 2 - no voltage
Pin 3 - around .6v with switch ON and OFF
Pin 4 & 5 - 13.3v both On and OFF
Pin 6 - getting 90-130v at Pin 6. with it OFF, I'm getting around 188v
Pin 7 - No voltage
Pin 8 - getting a flux of 0-.8v with the switch ON. with the switch off, I get about 3v and it just climbs
Pin 9 - 13.5v On and OFF

I used this schematic to get the voltages for Pins 6 and 8.

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Re: Gemini I trem repair

Alright, I finally caved and installed the new TR-1 module I got from Fliptops. Trem works but I'm not sure how intense it is supposed to be - not as deep as a fender.

I replaced the 3 .047 caps with .053 (closest value I could find), woudl those changes in value alter the depth and nature of the trem that much?



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