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Just bought a VT-40

I just bought a front-loaded VT-40. It's an early 70s model I believe, has a distortion channel.

From what I have gathered, the 4 speakers are 8 ohms each wired series/parallel. As of right now, the bottom two speakers are disconnected and one is blown. I just bought this thing and haven't gotten to test those speakers. I also have a 2x12 Ampeg extension cab. 2 16 ohm speakers wired in parallel for an 8 ohm load.

As it stands, what is the safest way to configure this amp? The top two speakers are wired in parallel as far as I can tell. I am just trying to figure out what impedance setting I need to use with the cabinet plugged in. How is the extension jack wired? Parallel right?

Sorry for the noob questions but I always get hung up on impedance.

If I understand correctly, with no extension plugged in the two 8 ohm speakers should form a 4 ohm load if wired in parallel. So I should set the switch at 4. I got that. But if the extension jack is wired in parallel that means the 8 ohm ext. cab is cut down to a 4 ohm load? Does this mean the combo speakers now form a 2 ohm load? or still a 4 ohm load?

Bonus round: Once I get the bottom speakers replaced/wired back in the four 8 ohm speakers in the combo wired series parallel stays at an 8 ohm load. Plug in the 8 ohm cabinet and I set the switch to 4 ohms? Does this mean more power going to the cab than the combo? or the same?

Any other info on this amp would be awesome. Thanks.



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