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Early 70's v4 problems

Hi im new to the site. Name is scott. Im the proud owner
of two ampeg v4's. One is early 70's no master round knobs and the other is late 70's master volune with the longer tighter knobs. I just picked up the early 70's one for $275 and its got a problem. It turns on, Tubes are glowing, but the volume on it is really really low. The standby indicator light doesn't work either. When I put the volume to the 12 oclock position the tone sounds about right but the volume isn't anywhere to be found. I checked the fuse and made sure it was plugged in correctly. Any ideas?

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Re: Early 70's v4 problems

Check R19 R20 and R22.

I have seen quite a few v4s with similar symptoms that had an open resistor there...



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