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Attenuator for my VT-40. Any suggestions?

My VT-40 sounds best cranked to about 10:30 but my band cant handle those golden mids at that level so i'm looking into getting an attenuator.

I understand the vt-40 is configured for 8ohms? so i would need a 8ohm attenuator?  Also, the speakers are hardwired correct?  What exactly should I be having done so i can use an attenuator that is least evasive and most practical?

And last, whats a good attenuator to get for my vt-40 that wont cost a fortune (looking at webers)?  I'll be running it all the time with the volume cranked pretty good (100w. attenuator?  150w. attenuator?)

Cost is also a concern because im on a budget, but i dont want to get a tone-sucker either.

Thanks for reading.



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